Crane Services in Hendersonville, NC

Crane Services

At Epperson Tree, our goal is to get the job done in the most efficient and affordable way possible. That’s why we have cranes available for tree removal jobs that prove too difficult to remove by hand.


Large trees can not only be challenging to navigate and trim, but they can also pose serious dangers in removal without the proper equipment. Our crane services can help you by bringing a crane onto your property alongside a highly trained team who can get the task done for you.

Experience & Skill

With over twenty years of working with trees, our team of certified arborists knows how to efficiently get to work in all situations—including those that need to be done around large, or uniquely positioned trees on your property.

Our team has the skills needed to remove any and all trees on your property for a host of various reasons. On top of this, our team can help you mitigate risks that can arise from mature trees and keep your landscape looking beautifully manicured.

Damage-Free Work

When it comes to working at great heights, concerns over property damage are common. This is why we opt for using cranes for some tree removal work. Cranes don’t damage your property the way bringing in a heavy truck can. There’s no worry over damaging the ground of your property, your flower beds, or any other cherished aspects of your landscape. And, with our skilled and highly trained team, you don’t need to worry about damage to your property or home.

From safety to skill, we deliver nothing but excellence when it comes to our crane services. With our passion for trees and a commitment to carefully navigating your property, we can help you remove any tree you need without worry or headaches.

As some of the only BBB-accredited tree specialists in the area, you can trust us to handle your trees efficiently and protect your property so that you can enjoy the beauty of your landscape without worry. Contact us today for an estimate.

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