Meet Our Team

Hunter Hill Crew Leader


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Hunter is a Crew Leader and Tree Climber within the Epperson Tree, Tree Removal Division. He has been employed at Epperson since 2011 and plays an instrumental role in the success of our company.

Hunter was born and raised in Hendersonville, NC and graduated from West Henderson High School. After high school, Hunter attended Appalachian State University earning a Bachler’s degree in Sustainable Development and Agroforestry. Hunter enjoys his work at Epperson because he says that every day is a new challenge. We are grateful for Hunter’s dedication and leadership heading up our tree crews.

Hunter lives in Hendersonville, NC and is happily married to his wife, Molly Hill. They have two children, daughter Archer and their son, Kolt. Hunter grew up within a family of musicians. He enjoys Bluegrass music, playing guitar and singing in the family band. Bass fishing is also a passion for Hunter who may very well be headed to his favorite fishing hole at this very moment.

Caleb Worrell Crew Leader

Caleb is a crew leader and heavy equipment operator assigned to lead the Commercial Clearing division at Epperson Tree. He has been employed at Epperson Tree since 2014 and plays an instrumental role in the success of our company.

Caleb was born and raised in Hendersonville, NC. He was home schooled along with his brother and sister. After receiving his diploma, Caleb attended Haywood Community College and earned his bachelor’s degree in Forestry. Caleb enjoys working for Epperson Tree because he feels most at home running the big equipment, driving trucks and cutting trees.

The year 2022 was an exciting time for Caleb as he married his wonderful wife Carly over the summer. We are grateful for Caleb’s hard work and leadership. We know we can always count on him!

Tucker Epperson Crew Leader


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Tucker Epperson is an ISA Certified Arborist at Epperson Tree.

Tucker wears multiple hats at Epperson Tree. During the Spring and Summer months, Tucker leads the Epperson Tree Lawn Care division. When time permits, he serves as a crew leader and Tree Climber for the Tree Removal division. Tucker is experienced and fully capable to handle any task assigned, as he has worked around the tree care industry his entire life.

Tucker was born in Asheville, NC and grew up in Saluda, NC. He was home schooled and after receiving his diploma, attended Furman University and North Greenville University. He lives in Hendersonville, NC. He loves the atmosphere of family and friends here at Epperson Tree. When Tucker isn’t working, he enjoys working out at a local gym here in Hendersonville.

Matthew Beauregard Crew Leader


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Matthew Beauregard is an ISA Certified Arborist at Epperson Tree.

As an Arborist, Matthew leads the Plant Health Care Division for Epperson Tree assessing the condition of trees and shrubs, providing diagnosis for potential diseases, and offers recommendations on how to properly care for and maintain the plants. Once the diagnosis is determined, Matthew provides services such as pruning, fertilizations, insect & disease control as well as preventative seasonal care.

Matthew was raised in Hendersonville and is a graduate of West Henderson High School in Hendersonville, NC. He attended Haywood Community College earning his degree in Forestry. Matthew has been dedicated to tree work in WNC since 2007 and has worked for Epperson Tree for over two years. He also worked for the National Park Service and served with the Southeast Exotic Plant Management Team treating invasive species across the eastern half of the United States.

Matthew lives in Candler, NC, is married to his wife, Ashley Beauregard, and has a son, David. Matt’s curiosity for trees and insects developed at a young age. He would hike through the woods with his father asking questions, gathering and identifying leaves as they walked. Matthew’s life work is dedicated to the cultivation, study and management of trees and other perennial woody plants.

Dalton Whitaker Crew Leader

Dalton serves as a Crew Leader and Climber for the Tree Removal Division. He has diligently worked to refine his craft for the past four years at Epperson Tree. During that time, Dalton has become highly skilled at climbing and falling trees. Tree work is quite a passion for Dalton. He said there is no other work that he would rather do.

Dalton was born in Hendersonville, NC and graduated from North Henderson High School. After high school, he attended the International Diving Institute in Charleston, SC. He earned certificates as a US Certified Rigger and as a Certified Underwater Welder. Dalton worked as an underwater welder at the shipping ports in Charleston until he moved back to WNC.

Dalton is happily married to his wife, Kayla and enjoys spending time with his three daughters Stella, Oaklynn and Rowan. He also loves getting outdoors to hunt and ride 4 wheelers.

Philip Sherman

PHC Technician, Stump Grinding

Philip works with the Plant Health Care Division and also performs stump grinding. He has been a solid, long-standing team member. He is the gold standard for hard work and dedication here at Epperson Tree.

Philip was born in Bat Cave, NC. After graduating from Edneyville High School, he attended Blue Ridge Technical School. Philip is happily married to his wife Tina Sherman and enjoys spending time together with her. He stated he feels blessed to be a part of a company with such respect and honor. He is thankful working with a great boss in Dale Epperson, and with a strong group of hard-working guys.

Philip has enjoyed time in the outdoors hunting, but now is most interested in studying the Holy Bible with his wife Tina. Reading the Bible is very fulfilling and heartwarming to his soul.

Daniel Moody Climber

Daniel is a Ground Operations Specialist/Climber and a member of the Epperson Tree team since 2019. He completed the TCIA, Tree Care Apprentice certification training and has also trained and excels as an Epperson Tree climber. Daniel proved to be a teammate we can all count on. Daniel plays a huge role in our success as a tree care company and we are proud to have him as a Teammate!

Daniel was born in Hendersonville, NC and graduated from East Henderson High School. Prior to working for Epperson Tree, Daniel drove trucks for Budweiser. He enjoys the opportunity to work with a great group of guys, many of which have been friends of his for years.

Since Daniel hired on with Epperson Tree, he began dating and eventually married his wife, Tatum Epperson (now Moody). In the summer of 2022 Daniel and Tatum welcomed their newborn son, Leo into the world. We all have a feeling Leo is going to make a fine tree man someday, just like his dad and grandad, Dale Epperson!

Evan Williams Climber

Evan is a Climber & Ground Operations Specialist with the Tree Removal Division and has been working with the Epperson Tree since 2021. We are proud to have Evan as a teammate!

Evan was born in Asheville, NC and graduated from West Henderson High School. After high school, Evan attended Western Carolina University earning a bachelor’s degree in Parks & Recreation Management. Evan enjoys his work with Epperson Tree because he loves working outdoors with good people. He is grateful to learn such a useful trade.

Evan lives in Landrum, SC and enjoys life with his girlfriend Jenna and his daughters Liliana, Millie & stepdaughters Layla and Eli. Evan loves the outdoors and spends time hiking and rock climbing. More than anything, he relishes spending quality time with his family

Michael Arrona-Torres

Ground Operations Specialist

Ground Operations Specialist
Michael is a Ground operations Specialist with the Tree Removal Division. He joined our team in 2021 and is a second-generation Epperson Tree crew member as his father worked with Dale in the early years!

Michael was born in Asheville, NC and graduated from North Henderson High School. In high school, Michael was a member of the North Henderson wrestling team. Although he is a soft-spoken guy, he brings his tough and tenacious work ethic with him every day on the job! Michael quickly proved to be a strong asset to our team, and we are grateful he came aboard. When asked what he most enjoys about working with Epperson Tree he stated that he enjoys learning new skills every day.

During his time off, Michael enjoys spending time with his friends and family, taking his dog for walks in the park or assisting his parents and neighbors when they need a helping hand around their house. Sometimes he just likes to hop in his Toyota Tacoma and drive around town.

Alan Watts Mechanic, Truck Driver

Alan is a Mechanic, Truck Driver and Ground Operations Specialist at Epperson Tree. He was hired 2020 and has made an impact from day one. Alan is a jack of all trades and has filled an important need of keeping our trucks and equipment running smoothly and ready for action. He was raised in Haywood County and graduated from Enka High School. Alan stated that he enjoys working at Epperson Tree because of the good people and honest work. He is happily married to his wife Leigh and is a great dad to his daughter Megan. Alan loves the outdoors and spends his time fishing and hunting. He also enjoys making knifes and is involved in Karate. If you haven’t noticed yet, Epperson Tree employees are country boys who can survive!

Travis Hill

Firewood Processing & Plant Health Care

Travis Hill was born and raised here in Henderson County, NC. Travis and Dale Epperson grew up together and spent many days, side by side. Both of their mothers were first cousins. Ironically, their fathers were also first cousins! That said, ever since they were kids, Travis and Dale were as close as brothers. So, when Travis came aboard in 2023, he was already part of the Epperson Tree Family. Travis decided to sell his lawn maintenance business after 21 years to launch and spearhead our firewood processing operations. The Processing plant will be up and running by the fall of 2023. Travis will also work with the Plant Health Care division during the spring and summer months.

Travis graduated from East Henderson High School. He is married to his wife Lisa who is also an East Henderson High graduate. Lisa is now working at her alma mater as a school counselor. Travis and Lisa’s son Tyler is a freshman at East High! Go Eagles! When Travis isn’t working, he enjoys spending time with his family and relaxing outdoors hunting and fishing.

Thomas Roach Ground Operations Specialist

Thomas is a Ground Operations Specialist within the Epperson Tree, Tree Removal Division. He was hired in 2022 and came aboard with 20 years of experience working in the Tree Care Industry. We are blessed to have Thomas as a teammate. He was literally an answer to our prayers! The morning he walked into our shop to ask if we were hiring, we had just closed in prayer after asking God to send us a strong and qualified man to fill a much-needed role. Thomas was born in Wahalla, SC and graduated from West Oak High School in Oconee County. He said that he enjoys working at Epperson Tree because we work as an organized team, and it feels like family. Thomas is happily married to his wife Amanda and has two children, Brooklyn, and Ashton. Thomas fits in well here at Epperson Tree because just like many of his teammates, he enjoys the outdoors. He has a passion for fishing and spending time with his family.

Andrew Jones Clearing Specialist/Truck Driver

Andrew is a Land Clearing Specialist/Truck Driver within the Commercial Clearing Division and has been employed at Epperson since 2022. When asked what he likes best about his job, Andrew stated that he has known Dale Epperson most of his life and loves the fact that mornings at the Epperson Tree always begin with scripture reading and prayer.

Andrew was born and raised in Zirconia, NC and graduated from East Henderson High School. Before Epperson Tree, Andrew worked nineteen years for the city of Hendersonville Water Department. He brings a wealth of experience, leadership skills, and a class A CDL license! And the icing on the cake…he brought his wonderful wife Summer, who we hired as a receptionist working along with Kenna Moses!

Andrew and Summer have two children, daughter Autumn and their son, Andrew. In his free time, Andrew loves spending quality time with his family and takes any opportunity to be in the outdoors hunting rabbit & bear or fishing on a river. Andrew and his son have been known to take day trips to set up camp a site, start a warm fire and search the mountains for Big Foot. The question is…Do you believe?

Trey McGonigal Ground Operations Specialist

Trey is a Ground Operations Specialist within the Epperson Tree, Tree Removal Division. Trey was born and raised in Englewood, Florida. He graduated from Lemon Bay High School and for the past several years worked for a landscaping company on the Florida gulf coast.

In the Fall of 2022, Trey moved to Hendersonville with his girlfriend Nicole and her daughter Madison. Unfortunately, their home in Englewood was destroyed by Hurricane Ian. Nicole worked for a senior living facility which was also destroyed from a tornado triggered by the hurricane. With no place to work or live, Trey and Nicole relocated to Hendersonville to live with Nicole’s sister and start a new life.

Their unfortunate circumstance resulted in a blessing for Epperson Tree. Trey’s no nonsense, hardworking attitude and easy-going demeanor has proved to be a perfect fit for the Epperson Tree team!

Caleb Carberry

Ground Operations Specialist & Climber

Caleb is a Ground Operations Specialist & Climber with the Tree Removal Division and has been working for Epperson Tree since 2023. He joined the Epperson Tree team with seven years of experience working with a local tree company in Waynesville, NC. He appreciates the great group of guys to work around and the availability of such nice equipment to operate.

Caleb was born and raised in Hendersonville, NC and graduated from West Henderson High School. Soon after graduation Caleb wasted no time in starting his career as an arborist and has developed into an experienced tree man. During Caleb’s time off he enjoys snowboarding in the mountains of WNC. We are so glad to have Caleb on board with the Epperson Tree family. team!

Matthew Willing

Ground Operations Specialist & Climber

Meet Matt Willing, our accomplished team member! A Powers High School graduate from Flint, Michigan. Matt holds a degree in Recreation Sports Management from Mars Hill University. After college Matt became the Mars Hill University Cycling head coach. Matt’s coaching prowess led his team to a national championship.

At Epperson Tree, Matt appreciates the professionalism, training, and focus on safety. Beyond work, he enjoys outdoor adventures, including mountain biking, white water kayaking, hunting and fishing and mostly spending that time accompanied by his fiancé, Sherridan.

Bruce & Brenda Helton Estimates

Bruce and Brenda work as a cohesive team to generate all of Epperson Tree’s tree removal estimates. They moved to Henderson County, NC in 1985 along with their three sons. Bruce has been involved with tree work for 50 years. He was the sole proprietor of a tree service up north. You will often hear him remark, “I do not know very much, but I do know about trees and what it takes to estimate them and how to talk to people.” Brenda continued to support him and do most of the paper work. They did not have cell phones, iPad, computers, etc. It was all hands on. Bruce has worked for Epperson Tree, part-time for 7 years. Approximately 4 1/2 years ago, Brenda retired from the Henderson County Public Schools, and rides along with Bruce to the estimates and assists with the computer and paper work. And yes, there are some moments of fussing with each other from time to time! After all, they are together just about 24/7. Married for more than 47 years, it is amazing that they have always been able to work together. Bruce and Brenda have been blessed with 4 beautiful granddaughters. They both enjoy the time they get to spend with them, which can be difficult as their granddaughters all live out-of-state. Brenda and Bruce stated that working for Epperson’s Tree Service has been a blessing in many ways for both. The job has helped with healing and moving on with their lives. They also stated that the Epperson’s are not only an amazing family, they oversee a successful, professional, and very respected business. They truly care about everyone. God has blessed them in many ways.

Al Neve Operations Manager

Al assists Dale and Julie Epperson in the daily business activities at Epperson Tree. His goal is to help Dale position Epperson Tree as THE leader in WNC’s tree care industry. As a team, this will be accomplished by focusing on three areas; customer experience, employee development, and tree care safety. Al began this process for Epperson Tree by gaining accreditation through the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA). Accreditation begins to validate that a company, not just an individual, has the capacity to perform arboriculture services in a manner that follows all regulatory requirements across the board. Al has been employed with Epperson Tree since 2019 and has enjoyed every minute of it!

Al was born and raised in Northwest Indiana and moved to Hendersonville, NC with his wife Leeann in 1998. He graduated from Purdue University with degrees in Secondary Education and Athletic Training. He later received his MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University. Al and Leeann have three children born and raised in Hendersonville, Graham, Grace and Ella. Al enjoys the process of developing and enhancing the business processes for Epperson Tree and feels blessed to have the opportunity to work alongside of Dale and Julie.

Erica Cantrell Office Manager

We are all so grateful that Erica made the decision to join us here at Epperson Tree in 2021 to take over multiple administrative responsibilities. Along with her administrative endeavors, Erica has been tasked with the enormous responsibility of scheduling all tree removal work which also includes organizing and managing customer requests, crew needs, crane schedules, and unforeseen circumstances. Erica has been extremely close to Julie and Dale for years and we all feel as if she is part of the Epperson family. She brings a tremendous amount of office experience to help the Epperson Tree team succeed.

Erica was born right here in Hendersonville, NC. She graduated from North Henderson High School and prior to her employment at Epperson Tree, she worked as an Administrative Assistant at a bustling local dental practice. Erica is married to her husband Philip, and they have two beautiful and altogether hilarious girls, Mckenna and Gracie. When Erica isn’t working in the office, she enjoys spending time with family, taking her girls on camping trips and being outdoors.

Kenna Moses Receptionist

As Epperson Tree continues to expand and develop, there is an ever-growing need for additional administrative support, customer and staff communications, and other essential tasks to keep us ahead of the game. We were blessed to have the opportunity to hire Kenna to take on the Epperson Tree Receptionist responsibilities. Kenna has jumped right in and has been an enormous blessing to us all!

Kenna was born and raised here in Hendersonville, NC. She graduated from East Henderson High School and after high school began teaching preschool at Mud Creek Christian School. Kenna keeps herself very busy outside of her duties at Epperson Tree. She is a long-time member and devoted to serving at Ebenezer Baptist Church. She enjoys the outdoors and stays fit running at the park and around her neighborhood. When she is ready to relax, she loves to read romantic comedies and mystery novels. Kenna also loves to spend time with family…especially her four (soon to be five) hysterically entertaining nephews.

Summer Jones Receptionist

Fostering a positive customer experience is paramount to Epperson Tree’s continued success. With that in mind, we added a second receptionist to our team to provide the high-quality care our customers deserve. We are all so thankful to have hired Summer Jones as our newest addition to the Epperson Tree team!

Summer was born and raised in Zirconia, NC and graduated from East Henderson High School. Prior to working at Epperson Tree, Summer had multiple years of experience in customer relations, answering phones and getting things done at Brian Easler Toyota. We are so grateful Summer chose to join us and bring her skills to the Epperson Tree family.

Summer is happily married to her husband, Andrew Jones, who is also a part of the Epperson Tree team. They have two wonderful children, Autumn and Andrew. Summer takes a lot of pride in her family and loves nothing more than spending time with Andrew and her children. She loves musicals and especially taking the family to see live performances at the Flat Rock Playhouse.

Julie Epperson Owner

Julie has been with Epperson Tree since day-one! That’s because when her husband Dale and his dad Dean started the business in 2003, she was in the middle of it all managing the administrative duties. Julie continues to stay very busy keeping Epperson Tree running like a fine oiled machine, truly making it a great place to work.

Julie was born in Atlanta, GA, and later moved to Hendersonville, NC with her family in 1985. She graduated from East Henderson High School and later attended Mars Hill college to earn her degree in Elementary Education. Julie and Dale currently live in Saluda, NC where they raised their son Tucker and their two daughters Tessa and Tatum. They are also proud grandparents to little Georgia Bell and Leo Moody. One of the many reasons Julie enjoyed working at Epperson Tree through the years is because she could be home working while she raised her children. Now that they are all grown and out of the house, Julie loves that she can continue to work with her family in the business every day! When Julie isn’t managing the business, she enjoys spending time cooking, “antiquing”, and being outdoors.