Secure your trees with tree cabling in Hendersonville and Flat Rock, NC

Tree cabling is the practice of tethering two or more limbs together, not to keep unhealthy trees from "falling apart," but to assist healthy, odd shaped trees in resisting the stresses of extreme weather (wind and ice).


Cabling can add a degree of support to codominant trees or limbs with potentially weak crotches by acting as supplemental support to already strong and flexible wood fiber. Cabling should be done in a manner that works with, not against the tree's natural and flexible defense to wind. Dynamic cables absorb shock associated with wind activity (shock loading) and can be installed relatively loose (compared to steel cables) to encourage self-supporting growth in light wind and ice. If installed prior to a split, dynamic cable provides a great chance of deterring future failure while providing the type of support that encourages ongoing strong, healthy growth.

Our ISA Certified Arborist at Epperson Tree can evaluate your tree to assess if it is a good candidate for cabling and install the hardware safely and accurately.