Explore your tree fertilization options in Hendersonville & Flat Rock, NC

Poor soil conditions reduce plant vitality, making your trees susceptible to secondary problems such as stem and twig cankers, root diseases, leaf diseases and leaf-feeding or sucking insects.

Epperson Tree uses Arbor Green PRO® Fertilization.

  • Applying a slow-release fertilizer, such as Arbor Green PRO, is one of the most important things needed to replace those lost nutrients, contributing to improved tree health. Healthy trees are better able to resist damage from diseases, insects and stressful weather. When the release rate is slower and more consistent, it results in more uniform growth response of your plants. Subsurface tree fertilization aids in helping your trees and shrubs expand root systems, providing better anchorage and overall health and vitality. In addition, healthy trees and shrubs are more apt to have better blooming, healthy foliage and enhanced strength to protect against outside stressors. All these benefits occur, while contributing to the value and beauty of your landscape.

How should trees and shrubs be fertilized?

  • Placed in the soil next to a tree’s trunk, the materials are absorbed by the roots. A single soil application can replace several spray applications, saving time and money as well as being more environmentally friendly. Our trained professionals inject the proper amount of Arbor Green PRO® and water directly into the soil of the root zone. This technique, done under pressure, provides better distribution of the nutrients in the soil profile, for more efficient contact and absorption by the root systems. Our fertilization technique will help plants develop a denser root system, which will improve their nutrient and water uptake. Your local arborist can provide further information.