Epperson Tree is prepared to respond quickly to address immediate or impending hazardous tree concerns. The emergency storm damage situations can be handled professionally and safely for both residential and commercial customers.

  • Damaged Tree Removal
  • Debris Removal
  • Clean-up

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There are numerous reasons a tree may need to be removed. Damage, disease or safety can create problems for your home or landscape. Our ISA Certified Arborists can evaluate and remove trees safely and efficiently.

Common signs or indicators a tree may need to be removed:

  • Too close to a house, foundation, sidewalk, underground pipes or power lines
  • Leaning badly to one side or the other
  • Dead or hollow sections in the trunk or branches
  • Chipped or peeling bark and cracks in the trunk
  • Decay-producing fungi, such as mushrooms, growing at the base of the trunk
  • Leaves falling off early or not coming back at all in the Spring


While tree trimming and pruning can help improve the aesthetics of your property, it can also ensure the tree's structural integrity, which in turn promotes the tree's health. Since the tree's health plays a major role in minimizing the potential hazards a tree can pose as it matures (especially a tree in close proximity to structures), regular trimming is a cost-effective way to safeguard your family's safety and that of your property.


The allure of living in the Blue Ridge Mountains typically revolves around the ability to enjoy the mountainous view from almost anywhere. One of the best ways to enjoy a clear mountain view is from the comfort of your own home. Epperson's Tree Service is not an emergency only tree service. If you've recently purchased, renovated or finished building a home that has view potential currently obstructed by trees, give us a call. Epperson's Tree Service is happy to work with you to identify the problematic trees in your line of vision. We are reliable, insured and experts in our field.


Taking care of tree maintenance or tree removal on your own can be dangerous, particularly if the tree is very tall. The high canopy can be difficult and unsafe to access without proper equipment. A crane can be brought in to safely transport a crew member to a high spot so they can get the job done. One of the other reasons people use services involving cranes to care for trees is to avoid using heavy trucks that could damage their property. Some heavy trucks involved in tree maintenance can leave noticeable marks such as divots in the ground or damage to flowerbeds or other landscaping.

Epperson Tree's skilled team will assess your needs and bring in equipment that can do more than the traditional safety harness if the situation calls for it. Our crew is skilled at moving heavy tree limbs cut down for maintenance or tree takedown slowly and safely using the latest equipment for such tasks. Don't worry about damage to structures around your home; let Epperson Tree take care of the trees and keep everyone safe in every step of the process.


When a tree is removed, we can cut it as low as possible to the ground or we grind out the stump below ground level. We bring in an extra piece of equipment (Stump Grinder) to grind out the stump. This allows you to plant something else in place or eliminate the stump altogether. This is an additional cost and can be discussed at the time of your estimate.


Land Clearing services are available to general contractors and homeowners pursuing site development. Epperson Tree utilizes grinders along with containers and large trucks to ensure our jobs are completed efficiently so that you can begin the next phase of development.


After a storm do you ever find yourself looking around at the tree wreckage wondering what you can do to clean up your lawn? Maybe you need specific trees taken down, or maybe you need to dispose of fallen limbs and full trees even if they aren’t blocking your driveway. At Epperson’s Tree Service we offer brush chipping. Brush chipping is a hassle free way to dispose of trees and branches. Whether you are looking at Epperson’s to take down a tree, or if you’ve performed the first part of the work for us, call the professionals to finish the job.
If you find yourself in need of any of our Tree Services, please fill out our contact form and we will be in touch shortly!