At Epperson Tree, our ISA certified arborists are equipped to deliver tree & shrub health care solutions for both residential and commercial landscapes.


The objective of our Tree & Shrub Health division is to maintain or improve the landscape's appearance, vitality, and - in the case of trees - safety, using the most cost-effective and environmentally sensitive practices and treatments available. Tree & Shrub Health Care involves routine monitoring, preventive treatments, and a strong working relationship between the arborist and the property owner.


Matthew Beauregard

As an Arborist, Matthew leads the Plant Health Care Division for Epperson Tree assessing the condition of trees and shrubs, providing diagnosis for potential diseases, and offers recommendations on how to properly care for and maintain the plants. Once the diagnosis is determined, Matthew provides services such as pruning, fertilizations, insect & disease control as well as preventative seasonal care.
Matthew was raised in Hendersonville and is a graduate of West Henderson High School in Hendersonville, NC. He attended Haywood Community College earning his degree in Forestry. Matthew has been dedicated to tree work in WNC since 2007 and has worked for Epperson Tree for over two years. He also worked for the National Park Service and served with the Southeast Exotic Plant Management Team treating invasive species across the eastern half of the United States.
Matthew lives in Candler, NC, is married to his wife, Ashely Beauregard, and has a five-year-old son, David. Matt's curiosity for trees and insects developed at a young age. He would hike through the woods with his father asking questions, gathering and identifying leaves as they walked. Matthew's life work is dedicated to the cultivation, study and management of trees and other perennial woody plants.


Left unchecked, insect and tree diseases can quickly turn your tree and shrub assets into liabilities.

Trees thrive when they are monitored and maintained, which is why our professional ISA Certified Arborists take the time to inspect trees and assess their condition. Routine tree health inspections are vital to managing insects and diseases and helping trees and shrubs thrive in an urban environment. Epperson Tree Arborists have the experience and training to detect many potential tree and shrub problems before they become life-threatening or hazardous. Our Arborists can also make tree and shrub recommendations, such as, species selection and placement to prevent problems from occurring in the first place. Remember, the potential size and longevity of trees and shrubs warrants special attention in your landscape. Bedding plants can be replaced in a few short weeks and a lawn in a single growing season, but it can take a lifetime or more to replace a mature tree.

Every client has different landscape objectives, so there is no standard plant health care program. Our arborist may be contacted to provide an estimate on one diseased tree or shrub in your landscape, or it may involve multiple treatments and more frequent quarterly or monthly inspections of all your trees and shrubs. The monitoring frequency and complexity of your PHC program depend on the diversity of your landscape, as well as your particular landscape goals.

Second, if a problem or potential problem is detected during a visit, our Epperson Tree ISA certified arborist will work with you to develop a solution.